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There will be no new Half-Life in 2010 according to the February edition of Game Informer magazine. Specifically they said: “Everyone wants to know when the next installment of Valve’s Half-Life is coming out, but answering that question isn’t easy. Loose Talk has learned that there won’t be any game from the franchise in 2010, and what will finally come out is still unknown. Will it be Half-Life 2: Episode Three? Or will it be a full-on Half-Life 3? If it’s the latter, we suspect that it might be a few years.”

Valve announces Portal 2 via Game Informer following an in-game patch to Portal that included a new “Transmission Received” achievement that led to an epic alternate reality game (ARG). Half-Life fans’ excitement turns to disappointment as another Valve game is announced while their wait continues.

Valve announces it will be bringing its Steam platform and Source game engine to Mac OS X.

A lambda shaped vein and a “3” shaped hand is visible in a Team Fortress 2 Saxton Hale Comic from 2009. The graphic also says a few things that could hypothetically apply to Half-Life: “All your questions answered!”, “The comic the government demanded we publish!”, and “The comic they told us should be Free!” [as in Freeman] These could all be coincidences but after years of no official information, it’s easy to see things that may not really be there.

In an interview with Edge magazine, Gabe says “I feel like we’ve gotten away from genuinely scaring the player more than I’d like, and it’s something we need to think about, in addition to broadening the emotional palette we can draw on.”

Valve moves into a larger office space in Bellevue, Washington.

In another interview with Edge magazine, Gabe mentions that he wants Gordon Freeman to remain as “an arm and a crowbar” and has no good reason to make him speak.

Deepwater Horizon deep-sea oil drilling platform explodes resulting in an undersea oil well rupture that leaked until it was capped on September 19, 2010. The blast killed 11 people and the ensuing leak spewed 206 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Steam User’s Forum member StickZer0 discovers Episode Three code in the Alien Swarm SDK. The code includes: “Ep3 Blob Shake Position”, “Ep3 Blob Fire Cover Position”, “Ep3 Blob Brain Cover Position”, “Ep3 Blob Brain Regenerate Position”, “Ep3 Blob Spit Position”, “Ep3 Blob Spawn Regenerator Position”, and “Aperture: Nest”.

It's been XXXX days since Gordon was last seen. #WhereIsGordon

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