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Steam hits over 15 million active accounts and over 300 games.

Valve says Half-Life 2: Episode Three will not be shown at E3 although they will be there to show their zombie shooter Left 4 Dead.

The first piece of leaked concept art is uncovered via the 2008 “IntoThePixel” 2008 art collection. The piece is titled “Advisor” and is credited to artists Ted Backman, Jeremy Bennett, and Tristan Reidford. The image depicts Gordon in a large Combine-esque structure with a haunting Combine Advisor in above him.

United States’ Olympic athlete Michael Phelps wins an eighth gold medal setting two Olympic records:

more gold medals in a single Olympics by any athlete in any sport (8), and most Olympic gold medals in a career (14).

Valve’s Doug Lombardi mentions Valve may show Episode Three by the end of the year.

When asked if the increasing development time of Episode Three is being caused by the scope of the project or the result of other projects at Valve, Doug Lombardi claims both. He says “… we want the next installment of Half-Life 2 to be really big.” “So I mean, we’re taking more time because it’s a more ambitious project. We also sort of had Left 4 Dead become this big thing in the middle of it that we wanted to spend more time on, and you’ve just got a lot of stuff that we spent this year doing with Team Fortress 2 updates and what have you. So there’s just a lot going on, and then an ambitious project on top of it caused the schedule to move out a little bit from the delta of the last three releases in the franchise.” This information is extremely interesting in hindsight.

Left 4 Dead released by Valve. An ironic coincidence with the 10th anniversary of Half-Life according to Valve’s Doug Lombardi.

General Motors and Chrysler are set to receive 17.4 billion dollars to survive the next three months in the largest auto bailout.


Steam Cloud is released to developers free of charge enabling seamless application data syncing for all Steam users.

Chesley Sullenberger III lands US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson river after striking a flock of geese. Everyone on board survived and Sullenberger is hailed the “Hero of the Hudson”.

It's been XXXX days since Gordon was last seen. #WhereIsGordon

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