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SteamDB forum user Nephrite found an exploit in Valve’s updated support website that enabled SteamDB to add previously hidden package names. There was an app discovered with the name “Half Life 3” and its legitimacy is questionable considering it is missing the usual hyphen. Is it the real deal? Probably not. Could it be? Maybe.

Historic climate change deal is reached by about 200 countries uniting the fight to curb fossil fuel emissions.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket becomes the first orbital-class rocket to vertically land and recover its first stage on the ground after propelling its payload and second stage to a suborbital trajectory where it then continued on to orbit.


This one borders on the edge of conspiracy-theory but it has been verified and therefore worth mentioning. During the 2015 Steam Holiday Sale alternate reality game (ARG), one of many reddit users going through ARG files finds what appears to be a Half-Life logo and a crowbar. Marc Laidlaw says he was not aware of the ARG and this is not intended as way to announce a new game.

North Korea claims to test nuclear hydrogen bomb.

Marc Laidlaw, main writer of the Half-Life series leaves Valve after 18 years. Originally revealed by reddit user TeddyWolf and later confirmed by Eurogamer, this news came as a huge shock to the Half-Life community. In his own words: “I had a good run but lately I have been feeling a need for a break from the collaborative chaos of game production, and a return to more self-directed writing projects.” One can only speculate his motives for retirement.

Worldwide oil prices fall to a low of $30 per barrel, breaking a 12 year record.

Half-Life animator Doug Wood announces that after 19 years he is retiring from Valve to spend more time travelling and with his family. He was a key figure in Valve and worked on nearly every project.

LIGO scientists observe ripples in spacetime fabric called gravitational waves for the first time, confirming a major prediction Albert Einstein made back in 1915.

Some interesting things are found in the Aperture Robot Repair VR demo: some books are seen on a shelf, specifically the questionable Saxton Hale comic from 2010 and “Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar” published in 2004. Also noteworthy: the telephone is missing the number 3, and according to SteamDB, the mysterious high-detail D0g model that was previously leaked is present in the files.

It's been XXXX days since Gordon was last seen. #WhereIsGordon

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