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In an interview with GamesTM, one of Episode Two’s writers Chet Faliszek said “When we announce Half-Life 3 it won’t be on a t-shirt or a forum or some obscure internet game. We’ll do it in our own way.” This was the first time Valve publicly references “Half-Life 3”

Gabe Newell makes a cameo appearance in the Kickstarter video for CLANG. In the video Gabe is seen striking a red-hot crowbar with an anvil and hammer three times. He is approached by author and game designer Neal Stephenson and is asked “Hey is that about ready?” To which Gabe simply responds “These things, they take time.”

Valve fansite ValveTime.net reveals a massive concept art leak from an anonymous source composed of 33 concept art images. The Images Include a variety of people and locations: * a redesigned Alyx wearing her father’s vest. * A man, possibly Gordon Freeman in a hooded winter jacket. * The helicopter from the end of Episode Two is seen crashed in an Arctic environment with Combine architecture visible in the distance. * A redesigned psychedelic-inspired Xen, including one with an Advisor. Detective work by Half-Life community LambdaGeneration revealed the source of the leak was Valve artist Andrea Wicklund’s online portfolio and the upload date was mid-March 2008. Once discovered, the images were quickly taken down.

Viktor Antonov leaves Valve to pursue other projects. The art director responsible for Half-Life 2, City 17, and Combine architecture design left Valve because “… they stopped making epic, AAAs, which was Half-Life 2″ he went on, “… when I went to Valve, they were a small company. They’ve grown now, they’re much bigger, and I’m interested in a certain level of creative risk taking and a certain energy that can be compared to jazz, jamming or rock n’ roll, where it’s small, it’s intense and it’s about making revolutions in the media.”

On the 7DCD podcast Gabe Newell presumably infers to Half-Life as “Ricochet 2”. He states it has a “giant story arc” and wishes Valve could be more transparent about it but cannot because when they talk about things too far in advance, things end up changing as development continues and the changes that occur would “probably drive people more crazy than being silent about it.” “Until we can be more crisp about what’s happening”

After eight years in development, the volunteer development group Crowbar Collective releases “Black Mesa” their third-party remake of Half-Life on Half-Life 2’s Source engine. The amazing remake includes everything from the original game up until Xen, that part is still under development to this day.

Gabe Newell confirms to a tour group that the Source 2 game engine has been under development for “a while we’ve just been waiting for a game to roll it out with.” This is the first official confirmation of Source 2. Valve business director Erik Johnson quickly added by saying “Ricochet 2 has started development.” (@6m9s)


J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell offer insight into collaborating together on a Half-Life or Portal movie. While On stage at the DICE 2013 Summit with J.J. Abrams, Gabe says “…we also want to talk about making movies, either a Portal movie or a Half-Life movie.”

Steam Users’ Forum member Niamor discovers a 3D model head bust titled “oldMan” inside Valve artist & sculptor Matt Charlesworth’s personal website that looks like the G-Man. Reddit user Nobiting adds color to the model and the resemblance becomes uncanny. The image is taken down from his website.

NeoGAF user ekim gains access to a public-facing JIRA tracker website belonging to Valve and seems to confirm “Half-Life 3” is currently in development with 46 developers. Previously mentioned Valve artist & sculptor Matt Charlesworth is confirmed to be in the Half-Life 3 group. The website is quickly taken down. This event is known as the second JIRA leak.

It's been XXXX days since Gordon was last seen. #WhereIsGordon

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