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Uber Entertainment owner Chandana Ekanayake tweets a picture claiming to have seen a Valve employee wearing a Half-Life 3 shirt at a local developer event. Legitimacy is questionable but worth mentioning.

During the 2011 Steam Holiday Sale, the storefront added an image depicting Santa Claus and Steam’s the mascots (Sir Roderick Bodkin, Tappet, and CyL) opening three gifts in his sleigh. Roderick is holding a golden lambda medallion. Its link to Half-Life is unknown because Santa didn’t bring Half-Life that Christmas.


A large group of fans try to express their unrest to Valve by ordering crowbars to Valve’s office dubbed “Operation Crowbar”.

“A Call For Communication” returns for round two, with more members than before and with an official Steam group.

Valve & Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw discusses “Return to Ravenholm”, a cancelled Episode 4 that was being developed by Arkane Studios.

A Red Letter Day: 13,216 fans play Half-Life 2 at the same time in a plea to Valve. The Call For Communication group united Half-Life fans and boosted the player count of Half-Life 2 on Steam from approximately 3,000 to 13,216, representing a concurrent increase of 10,000.

Gabe Newell responds indirectly to “A Call For Communication” in an interview with PennyArcade and acknowledges fanbase annoyance. He said “…part of the reason that we backed off talking so much about what was happening in the future is that when we’ve done that in the past, you know, with Half-Life 1 it was a year after we originally said it would be, Half-Life 2 basically if you go and read the forum posts apparently took us fifty or sixty years to get done so we’re trying to be careful not to get people too excited and then have to go and disappoint them,” he continued. “So we’re sort of reacting in the other direction and saying ‘Okay, well let’s have things a little more baked before we start getting people all excited about it.”

Valve teases a Half-Life 3 logo on an illustrated shirt inside their new employee handbook. The image is available on page 22.

A mysterious Twitter account “BreenGrub” starts posting cryptic messages. Lead Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw later confirms he is behind the account: “Basically it’s me writing Dr. Breen fanfic” When asked why he is doing it, he explains: “I personally cannot give the world a Half-Life game,” “All I can personally do, at least for now, is stuff like this.”

It's been XXXX days since Gordon was last seen. #WhereIsGordon

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